Set the controls for the heart of my microbiome (an internal meditation after Pink Floyd).

Traditionally what we consider to be “self” is restricted to the collection of 10 trillion or so familiar eukaryote cells that make up our bodies and well-known organs such as our skin, the heart, and the liver. However, the “omic” technologies of the 21st century have radically redefined this view, so that “self” can now be seen to extend well beyond the traditional precinct of our visible form, and to now include our resident bacterial community, that is its invisible human microbiota. These bacteria that reside on or in our bodies are not merely present as passengers and we exist in a state of dynamic and mutual symbiosis with these inhabitants. Moreover, it seems likely that these organisms are able to influence our wellbeing, our mental health, and even our ability to learn. Such findings are challenging radically our anthropocentric view of life and are revealing a new kind of microbiologically influenced subjectivity.

Here is an internal, intensely personal, and visible meditation centred upon my ownl microbiome. Perhaps, a culmination of my 57- year mission to explore strange new inner worlds, to seek out internal invisible life, and novel ecologies. To boldly go where no human has gone before. I, and all of us, resonate to these invisible internal wavelengths and frequencies. Videos of various aspects of my gut microbiome at 1000-times magnification, and imaged using DIC microscopy.

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