BioSerif: Old Down Wood.


And so,  I offer a local woodland a simple and truthful statement, made from an ink made from bioluminescent bacteria, and thus ask its manifold and complex networks of life, to respond to the words made from a form of life that underpins all else living on Earth.

Intriguingly,  the organisms that first respond to this microbial message  are the Cryptozoa, tiny near invisible soil creatures that are not quite macroscopic, and yet are not quite microscopic. As they walk over the message, composed of  bioluminescent bacteria, they pick up the bacteria on their feet, and as they move over the surface of the agar, they inoculate the rest of the agar with their foot prints.  When the bioluminescent bacteria subsequently grow within this cryptozoal footfall, they form footprint dependent,  and light emitting trails that seem to add to, and embellish,  my own limited biological font. Thus, these ignored lifeforms become visible,  and then add their own glowing,  and independent,  biological serif to the text  (see images below).



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