Not a great fan of my work or blog

Here’s a recent comment from an artist on my work here and blog. Not a great fan of my work it would seem “it appears that or everything you do is totally derivative / rehashes of school experiments.. I used to be able to enjoy looking at your work ! !”

4 thoughts on “Not a great fan of my work or blog

  1. Regarding that post – everything is derivative. There is nothing new.  What you are doing is seeing the wondrous in the world around you and you get creative with it and take the time to share. The reason why schools use petri dishes and fungal growths is that they are AMAZING and WONDROUS and they burst open the world for all who haven’t realized how much is going on that we can’t see.  You can’t be expected to weave bacteria into fabric every week, or whatever that person gets jazzed up over, and nor should you. You are exploring the world and sharing that with all of us. I follow you and sometimes I get excited about something and sometimes I don’t. It’s not your job to blow my mind every week. You let me see things I don’t have the capacity to explore on my own, and for that I am grateful.  Keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t let those who sneer keep you from exploring the wonder that surrounds you. kindest regards,Christine De Vuono

  2. Some of your work would be familiar to some people who were lucky enough to have inspirational microbiology lessons at school. A lot of it wouldn’t be familiar. I’m glad you cover both bases, they both have importance.

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