Woven SunLight: Light Directed Synthesis of a novel Cyanophyte BioMaterial.


The undirected and undifferentiated form of Helion 14. Free floating photosynthetic BioFibres



After just 30 minutes, the Helion 14 BioFibres have been directed to weave a square of BioMaterial



After removing the light stimulus and direction, I’ve allowed the square of Helion 14 to revert to its own chosen formation.

Did these 30 minutes just change the future of BioDesign forever?

Helion 14 is a unique Cyanophyte-based BioMaterial that can be fashioned from little more than sunlight and air. During its production it extracts carbon dioxide from the air, incorporates it into its very fabric,  and so it also acts as a carbon sink.

In this latest development, I can now,  from a formless and random mix of its microfibres,   direct its self-organisation/aggregation into any shape of my choice simply by using phototaxis.

This is very quick and dirty test in which I directed the Cyanophyte to make a square of self-woven BioMaterial in just 30 mins.

This is just the beginning, 3D forms next………

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