mCLOUD: hybrid biominerals


We are all surrounded by our own unique cloud of bacteria that derives from our natural microbiota, that is the trillions of bacteria that live on and in us. With every movement or scratch, these bacteria simply float of us into the air.  In fact, just one person in a room adds 37 million bacteria to the air  in it every hour.

This is the  beginning of a new project that explores my own personal bacterial cloud (mCLOUD), the extent of its influence , and the content of its biological information, in the context of electronic and data-based Cloud sharing. If I’m continually leaking this biological information into my environments, where do I truly end? I’ve begun a series of experiments which will determine reach of my mCLOUD. One of my approaches is to carefully convert the biological information present in the genomes of the bacteria into crystals as a means of preserving it as an immortal glassy state. As the crystals begin to form, the biological information present in the bacterial DNA steers the process and thus generates unique hybrid biominerals. These are some examples that I’ve just made (below), and I’m stuck by their beauty and gem-like appearance, and imagining a new collection of microbiotic jewellery.



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