C-MOULD Three New Acquisitions

C-MOULD is the world’s largest collection of microorganisms for use in art and design,  with over 50 different kinds of microorganism. It contains bacteria bacteria and fungi that glow in ethereal shades of green and blue light, bacteria that make gold and electrically conductive nanowires, and bacteria that produce novel biomaterials.

We are pleased to welcome three new species into the collection.



An autotrophic and photosynthetic cyanobacterium. Will grow and produce biomaterials from little more than sunlight and air, and because it possess self-weaving filaments, it automatically forms thick green mats.

Vibrio natriegens


Originally isolated from a salt marsh, Vibrio natriegens is a free living bacterium with the fastest generation time known (< 10 minutes). The recombinant DNA technologies that have revolutionised biomedical research are mostly reliant on E. coli, which has a lengthy growth rate that consumes experimental time. Because of this, Vibrio natriegens is likely to become a new genomic powerhouse that will rapidly drive synthetic biology, and through this, will usher in a new era of advanced biotechnology.


Photobacterium leiognathi 2134

Taken with NightCap Pro

Image not great but impressive nevertheless as it was taken with an iPhone.

Photobacterium leiognathi is a species of bioluminescent (light emitting) bacteria that forms a  symbiotic relationship with a Ponyfish. The bacteria reside in a luminous organ in the throat of the fish, which is able to project light through the animal’s underside. The bacterium  is described as strongly bioluminescent and is widely used as a demonstration of bioluminescence.  C-MOULD also contains another strongly bioluminescent bacterium called Photobacterium phosphoreum HB, and so the two bacteria will be compared with reference to their light out put, with one perhaps being crowned as the brightest bioluminescent bacterium in the world.

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