Purpose versus Flow


I’ve developed a novel process that rather than recording micro-videos in real-time, records instead the paths taken by microscopic creatures under the microscope. The images generated, result from the accumulation of the activity tracks of these usually invisible life forms and reveal the hugely complicated dynamic of their manifold activities and interactions. The process generates images that are in some sense similar to those of radioactive decay, or atomic particle collisions, as they are seen using cloud chambers. The images here are generated by the microorganisms from a number of watery environments in my own garden and were made in my kitchen using an iPhone and portable field microscope. They could also be made anywhere.

The process is transformative, in that it converts the mundane and disregarded, into something remarkable, not by changing it, but by revealing another level of reality that is usually withheld from us. Each sample generates a unique signature of accumulated biological wavelengths and frequencies.

Here the process has been used to compare the  movement of non-motile microbes that just move with the physical flow,  and microbes that move with  actual purpose.

Taken with NightCap Pro. Light Trails mode, 70.14 second exposure.

Purpose: 70.14 second exposure.

Taken with NightCap Pro. Light Trails mode, 39.74 second exposure.

Purpose: 39.74 second exposure.

Taken with NightCap Pro. Light Trails mode, 168.97 second exposure.

Flow: 168.97 second exposure.



2 thoughts on “Purpose versus Flow

  1. Are you able to tell me how you make these wet mounts for use with the field microscope? It’s inverted design and short working distance are giving me problems with live material. Thank you.

    • The microscope came with a special plastic slide with a plastic coverslip glued to the bottom of a hole in the main slide. The slide sits on the microscope coverslip down. Works perfectly.

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