Crystallisation: Lunar Caustic


I’m endlessly fascinated by the creativity inherent in nature and chemistry, and in releasing this to generate autogenic art works. This is a central theme that permeates through much of my practice, that is the production of forms that are self-generating, and which emerge from natural and universal laws. I see my role here as a facilitator, so that the work fluctuates in the dialectic between my need to impose control and rigour as a scientist, and the often uncontrollable indeterminacy of the natural world.

The forms here are generated by the process of crystallisation, and my contribution is is simply in the making of bespoke crystallisation cocktails, that are designed to generate specific aesthetics at specific speeds. Once the process starts, it is irreversibly committed to a particular eventuality, over which I have no control at all.

This is silver nitrate.

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