Cellfies: cellular/microbiotic self portraits

I’m really not a fan of the selfie so here is my much  more intimate version of this phenomenon, the Cellfie. The images and videos here are of various types of my own cells taken using a Differential Interference Contrast microscope. The rather casual title reflects the frivolous nature of the Selfie phenomenon, in contrast to the elegance of life when observed at the cellular level. Here the information in our DNA is transcribed into messenger RNA, and then translated into proteins. In many of the images/videos here  you can see the nucleus which contains my own genome. In others, the microbiome can be seen, that is the trillions of bacteria living in and on me and  with which I share my existence. At this cellular irrespective of race, class, creed or religion were are all beautiful, and if healthy,  equal.

Red blood cell with in vitro pulse

Red blood cells. If you look carefully you can see one of my white blood cells (the smaller,  fuzzy and spike cell type) emerge from middle left


Bacterial cells from my microbiome, that is my bacterial other-self. It’s cells probably out number my own human cells.  Thanks to Alice Dunseath for the video editing

A collection of my  Neutrophils  I think. The large intracellular structures are the nuclei that contain my genome. The cytoplasm of the cells fizzies with much smaller crystalloid granules.


A selection of spit samples from my mouth. The pale blue structures are my cheek cells and the darker structures inside the nuclei that contains my genome. The smaller forms are bacteria from my mouth.

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