Strains of Helion: next generation BioTextiles

Microscopic images of intelligent Helion fibres moving as they have been directed to.


Helion is a unique and sustainable BioTextile in development at C-MOULD. Its basis is filamentous cyanobacteria, and because of the photosynthetic capacity of these organisms, Helion can be produced from little more than air and sunlight. Moreover, the individual filaments of the bacterium, which equate to the fibres in the textile,  are intelligent and can be directed during the production of the fabric. The fibres have a  unique oscillatory motility (that can be seen in the videos) meaning that the textile actually weaves/spins itself into a mat as it grows. Here are two versions under test, the highly active Helion 14 and the less active Helion 15.

More images below:



A cluster of helion fibres


A billowy green dress. Vat grown with the self-weaving BioFabric Heiion 14. Fashioned from just sunlight and air.


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