Some Observations on The Energy of Rain: reconstructing a rain drop

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I’m endlessly fascinated by natural processes and the invisible aspects of these. I guess that there’s no surprise here, given the name of my blog!

Here I made a series of sooted glass plates using a candle and exposed these to the rain drops from a short Summer shower. The complex patterns in the resulting  images, are made by the rain drops and by the release of the energy generated by their impact, and mark the end of their journey to the Earth.  Again it’s a phenomenon that we have all encountered but one that we rarely see or take time to consider in this level of detail. To me it also seems like a metaphor for experiments taking place at CERN, the complex patterns formed by disintegrating atoms, and the staggering high energy collisions, and I wonder, like the scientists at CERN are similarly striving to do, whether based on these patterns,  would it be possible to mathematically reconstuct a rain drop.

This is also the beginning of a process as I’m plannng to used the glass plates as negatives and to make cyanotypes from them, thus combining the energy of sunlight and rain in a natural design.

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  1. I am in love with your blog! These are beautiful. I’m a graphic designer who knows absolutely nothing about microbiology–but I am inspired! Thank you!!! Off to read the rest 🙂

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