The Pull of The Moon

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We are all familiar with tides, and how the moon generates these. I’ve long been intrigued by the thought that all water feels and succumbs to the pull of the moon, This otherwise capricious compound,  compelled into movement by a celestial body some 384,400 kilometres distant. And so I decided to determine whether I could detect the influence of the moon on a minute drop of salt water using a powerful DIC microscope. It seems that tides are present even in the most minute drop of this fluid, and that these leave behind microscopic tidelines. How wonderful is it, that a tiny drop of water and the moon are connected over hundreds of thousands of kilometres of empty space and that we can measure this.

2 thoughts on “The Pull of The Moon

  1. Hmm, wonder if and how it would affect watercolour painting? Would need a microscope though…! I shall have to pay attention to the phases of the moon. Seriously, this has me thinking. I use my own handmade paint which means that the pigment is not so finely ground and I seek out the patterns that appear when the watercolour paint is applied with plenty of water. Might explain why sometimes the effects are better than others… but probably not.

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