For My Valentine: the cellular rose

A red rose at 100x magnification.

A red rose at 100x magnification.

A red rose for my valentine, first observed at 100-times magnification.The pigment that gives the rose its colour obscures the cellular detail and biological reality of the bloom.

To reveal the cells that made up the flower, I added an agent that  caused the pigment to leach out of the cells so that their structure would be revealed.

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The images above, at 100x magnification of a red rose petal, being cleared of their red pigment and gradually revealing the flowers cellular pigment.



The image above is the red pigment from the rose petals, after it has drained out the cells.

Finally, to make my Valentine’s Rose truly unique, I Bio-Hacked it with an agent that I invented called Alchyme. This fluid slowly infiltrates the tissue, and cells, of the rose petal, and subtly alters the chemistry of the natural red pigment that is present, converting  it into different coloured forms (yellow, green, blue, purple), and creating the unique Rainbow Rose.


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