A New Field Guide To The Wild Flowers Of The Crystal World


I read JG Ballard’s The Crystal World as a teenager,and it profoundly influenced my formative mind. I’ve have had an obsession with the process of crystallisation ever since, the spontaneous emergence of a brittle order from the mobile chaos of the solution. In a series series of new works I’m seeking to create Ballards Crystal starting first with plants. Here is Lavandula crystallum, commonly known as the Crystal Lavendar.

3 thoughts on “A New Field Guide To The Wild Flowers Of The Crystal World

  1. I simply LOVE this.

    I’ve been fascinated by crystallization ever since a teacher in elementary school got us to play with saturated solutions. Later on, when I stumbled upon a vintage copy of “La forêt de cristal” (the French translation of “The Crystal World”), it haunted my dreams with the eerie beauty of a half-alive crystallized nature… and it still does.

    Just an idea (you probably have already though of it, but just in case…) Before crystallizing flowers and plants, those organic materials could be “plastinized”, either with the traditional epoxy resins, or with things like glycerin, which would help retain some flexibility.

    Can’t wait to see new images.

    • Thank you for the kind words Gunes-Helene. We share a similar fascination and muse. Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t thought of it and may well give it a try. Best wishes, Simon

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