Project Cladophora: update

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Cladophora is genus of reticulated filamentous and photosynthetic green algae. Commonly known as blanket weed, this is a very common and cosmopolitan pond algae, and the dense growth of its hair-like green strands that float under, or on the surface, can be a major nuisance.  Beyond this annoyance, Cladophora is an extraordinarily fast growing filamentous algae and can grow up to two meters a day. Now seems to be the time to  capture its remarkable properties and I am now investigating  the possibility of using this algae as a sustainable source of natural fibres that could be woven to produce textiles similar to wool and cotton for example. Scientists at C-MOULD are now ramping up production of this algae for further testing and textile production. Macroscopic and microscopic (100x) views

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  1. Hi Simon! First of all it’s a great page. As a design student I really appreciate the work you do! I found many eye opening thinngs you have done.
    Cladophora project sounds really interesting. Is there any update on this project, how is it going?
    I would love to know more about this.

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