White Dog: an autogenic sculpture

This work is drawn out of my own experiences, and exploration, of the interface between science and art, and is a deeply personal therapy for me at the same time. It is a biphasic system of two immiscible liquids (will not undergo mixing): a capricious and inventive aqueous phase (at the bottom) and a viscous methodical liquid floating on top of this. Over a period of a week, an organic and protean white sculpture condenses out of the space of the interface, and where the two phases slowly interact with each other. I see my role as a facilitator, so that the work fluctuates in the dialectic between my need to impose control as a scientist, and the indeterminacy of the natural world. In the same way, the setup of the initial system is guided by my knowledge as a scientist and my will, but the white and life-like emergent form is autogenetic (grows by itself). Carved out by the processes operating between two interacting systems, it grows to explore and occupy the possibilities present at an interface.

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