Grow Your Own: nanocellulose

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As today we might grow a sourdough culture at home, my dream is that we might one day grow bacterial nanocellulose, and evolvee or breed these cultures to suit whatever purposes we choose (to grow clothes, building materials or furniture).  Of course, to be able to do this we would need a Kitchen/DIY meda, made from supermarket ingredients, in which Gluconoacteobacter xylinus would grow. This is our first attempt to make such a media at C-MOULD. The yield of nanocellulose is good but not as much as the synthetic media at the moment. An important first step though.

2 thoughts on “Grow Your Own: nanocellulose

  1. Maybe you try a mixture known from cultivating kombucha, which also contains cellulose producing bacteria. Its made from green or black tea and 2% sugar. Adding diluted acetic acid will help to keep out contaminats.
    Btw. Which strain is it exactly, your gxcell? Do you know the ATCC number?

    • Thanks for this Jens. Because I work in a lab I prefer to grow the Gluconoacetobacter as a pure culture though I am aware of Kombucha. GXCELL is a natural isolate from rotting crab apples. Best wishes, Simon

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