C-MOULD, acquires a microbial Midas

IMG_1130 IMG_1131

C-MOULD  is  a unique collection, and knowledge base, for microorganisms that have application within the arts. Our latest acquisition is Cupriavidus metallidurans strain CH34. This bacterium was  originally isolated in  1976 from a metal processing factory, and  is notable because it withstands milli-molar range concentrations of over 20 different heavy metals.  It has evolved to live in extreme and metal rich man-made  environments and because of this  has to be the defining life form of the Anthropocene.  It will also reductively precipitate toxic gold(I/III)-complexes (see photograph) to produce  nano-particulate metallic gold. In other words this microbial alchemist can transform certain chemicals into gold.

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