C-MOULD: Co-Curator Opportunity

Themycelial form of the bioluminescent fungus Panellus stipticus

The mycelial form of the bioluminescent fungus Panellus stipticus

I’ve just set up C-MOULD,  a unique collection and knowledge base, for microorganisms that have application within the arts. All of the microorganism featured in this blog, the beguiling bioluminescent fungus Panellus stipticus (pictured here), and many others are part of the collection. C-MOULD is now seeking an enthusiastic and committed co-curator.  Unfortunately we cannot pay you at the moment but you will be encouraged to seek funding for projects that use this unique collection, you will receive training, and will have complete access to this truly unique strain collection. Please apply or express an interest by commenting on this post.

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