Optimizing Bioluminescence: choose your strain carefully


Here are three stains of the bioluminescent bacterium Photobacterium phosphoreum. Identical growth conditions and growth stages, striking differences in light output. BioArtists choose your strain carefully! The upper most, and brightest strain, is the one that I use in my works. Its designation is P. phosphoreum HB (hyper bright) and it has been especially selected for its high level of bioluminescence.

2 thoughts on “Optimizing Bioluminescence: choose your strain carefully

  1. Beautiful bioluminescence! Where do you get P. phosphoreum HB from? None of the educational suppliers seem to carry it Photobacterium, and we’re on too much of a shoestring budget to shell out $300 to order a strain from ATCC…

    • Thanks Patrik. It’s our lab strain which we’ve selected for brightness over the years. Bioluminescent bacteria are relatively easy to isolate from sea food

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