Private Communication

I sat in a dark room with a liquid culture of bioluminescent bacteria. As I watched them, this is what they did. They formed these complex and dynamic glyphs as if they were trying to communicate with me. Were they trying to tell me something important?

2 thoughts on “Private Communication

  1. I think that this is lovely! Is there any way that I can find out how you set this up? It appears to be time lapse. I hope you can share the technique! Again, lovely, lovely work!

  2. Thanks Mark! I just take a mid exponential phase liquid culture of Photobacterium phosphoreum and pour into into a Petri dish or other container and then take a series of 10-20 sec exposure photographs with my DSLR. The patterns develop in a minute or so. I’m exploring this phenomenon with a mathematican at the University of Cambridge

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