Jelly Baby Demon

jelly baby demon

A long time ago I decided to feed some Jelly Babies to one of my favourite bacteria Bacillus mycoides. Don’t ask me why! One of the most striking outcomes of this is the finding that the bacteria don’t like the Jelly Baby and cannot grow anywhere near it. A lesson for our children perhaps? I’ve only just now though picked up on the rather denomic aspect of this image! The Jelly Baby certainly looks to have attitude.

3 thoughts on “Jelly Baby Demon

    Have a look at YaYa Chou’s sculptures – I am writing about her in my book – she has created lots of sculptures using USA candy Gummi Bears which must have a similar chemistry to your jelly bears – she has found they don’t rot and insects won’t eat them either!

  2. A fellow student left an open, sampled, 2 litre tub of vanilla ice cream in his studio for months, and it did not change colour, it still smelled the same, and there was no mould… We wonder what we are eating.

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