A nebula-like colony of Chromobacterium

A nebula-like colony of Chromobacterium

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Inspired by Tony Ballantyne’s science fiction book “Recursion” which features Von Neuman Machines, a class of machines that can replicate themselves. I’ve often toyed with the idea that bacteria are a form of terraforming and biological Von Neuman Machine, and that more complex life, and ourselves arose from these virus-like because of some error in the biological program. Just imagine how pissed off the designers of the machines will be when they return to admire their handiwork and see the human infestation, and damage it has caused to what would otherwise be a pristine planet.

Unlikely, I know but I inoculated a section of Tony’s book with the purple coloured bacterium Chromobacterium violaceum and recorded it’s infiltration and response to the text.

I really like the juxtaposition of the words and the self-replicating and pervasive nature of the bacterium here.

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  1. Fantastic, inspiring, excellent! I recommend this site everywhere.
    José Manuel Fernández Ábalos. Salamanca. Spain.
    (Working with Streptomyces for a long time)

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