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  1. i love this image Light Years, im an electronic artist, i chose the name light years for my project, and then found this image, if it is yours, can we talk about using it for my albums? i make a complex electronic music using classical, and polyrythmic dissonance to create something so new and fresh.

    i used the image for a track i wrote called light years, then decided i wanted to call my album light years, love your work here, love your images, shoot me an email.

    Mahadeva Jaya


    • Hi Mahadeva

      Thanks for this. I’m glad that you like the image and please feel free to use it in your album art work. If you could credit myself and Anna Garforth who painted it that would be great.

      Best wishes


      • Hi, I would also like to use the image. I am presenting at GMP TEA conference in Orlando in October. My topic these is Make your on-boarding experience the BUZZ Be Light Year’s ahead of the rest. If I may use the image I will absolutely include the credits. I work for a non-profit blood bank. I would appreciate it this is acceptable that you send me a confirmation e-mail to discott@bloodsystems.org

      • Additional question. I have a Graphics designer who will be designing by ppt. template. I would like to have him use this as the background like a watermark on the template. Would that be acceptable to you?

  2. Hello. My name is James A. Land. I’m an indie writer and freelance journalist who happens to be writing an online novel called “Light Years.” It’s a bit of satirical science fiction. You can read Chapters 1-2 at http://www.thelandlineproductions.net, and see my other work at http://www.thelandline.com. I would love permission to use this image for my posts only. If that’s not okay, no problem. It would really help me out, though. You’ve got a really compelling image that works well with my content.

    • Hi James, thanks for your interest in my work. Please free to use the image for your posts. It’s a lovely match with your title. If you could appropriate it to me or my blog that would be great. Best wishes, Simon

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