Ecologies of the Sole: visualizing microgeographical journeys.

 Microgeography is  “the study of the specific effects of the geographical environment on the behaviour, of the overlooked, but ubiquitous and important microbiota of our urban landscapes” The relationship between an urban environment, and its microbial and human inhabitants is explored through informed observation, and via a variety of playful and inventive strategies. It takes pedestrians off their predictable macroscopic paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban microbiological landscape.  These unconventional and unique maps trace microgeographical  journeys. They do not report distances, or reflect the visible layout of our cities or towns, but emerge from the accumulated microflora that we unintentionally gather on our travels through any environment.  In these examples, walkers were given a pair of sterile shoes, and after their own personal journeys, the microflora that had accumulated on the sole of these shoes was developed and revealed by imprinting them onto bacteriological growth media.

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