A unique palette of living colour and attitude

This is the palette of naturally pigmented bacteria that I collected and prepared for a Wellcome Trust  project with artist JoWonder. Jo painted a living interpretation of John Millais’ famous painting “Ophelia” http://www.underthemicroscope.com/blog/artist-paints-ophelia-using-bacteria using this palette of living colour. Beyond, their colour each pigment is also unique in its inherent characterisitcs. For example, some species are aggressive and will seek to dominant the others, whilst others adopt effective defensive strategies.

5 thoughts on “A unique palette of living colour and attitude

  1. Wow this is so amazing and exactly what I have been looking for. Sir, I am a student of biotechnology, D Y Patil University, India. I am currently researching on isolation of various pigmented bacteria as part of my project. Sir can you please provide me help with the isolation of prominent colored bacteria like the red (Seratia spp.) & purple (Chromobacteria spp.). It would be really great of you. My email Id: tusharroy3993@gmail.com

  2. hi, it’s really interesting to see so many pigmented bacteria being isolated and used in art, i was wondering about the bacteria in the picture (last row, second from the right). can i know what bacteria is that?

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