Biogenic Designs: aggression


These are examples from a series of works  featuring  purely biogenic designs, which explore the inherent creativity of, and which use nature, to directly generate textile designs.These living designs on cotton are made by the interaction of two species of naturally pigmented bacteria, Serratia marcescens (red) and Chromobacterium violaceum (purple). In the first instance, the bacteria are inoculated onto the textile in small quantities and then allowed to grow. After 12 hours incubation, the movement of the bacteria (they are motile and move with purpose),  their growth, and their interaction with each other, has given rise to a unique pattern. The design arises entirely from the inherent properties of the two species of bacteria and here it is clear that Serratia marcescens is more “aggressive”, than Chromobacterium violaceum, and has out flanked it, corralled it, and thereby limited its spread.

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