Biogenic Designs: colours and personalities

These are examples from a series of works featuring  purely biogenic designs, which explore the inherent creativity of, and which use nature, to directly generate textile designs. This design uses an extended palette of living bacterial pigments: Chromobacterium violaceum (purple), Serratia marcescens (red), Vogesella indigofera (blue), Rhodococcus equi (orange/red), Micrococcus varians (white), Micrococcus roseus (pink), Micrococcus luteus (yellow) and Bacillus atropheaus (orange). Again, the textile was inoculated with small amounts of the pigmented bacteria and then incubated to allow expression of the design which results from the inherent properties of the bacteria and their interaction.  Here’s my take on the story.  Red and purple are aggressive and spread. Meeting at the midline they establish a stalemate. Red, though ouflanks purple. The other bacteria are less aggressive but some nevertheless are able to defend their territory. Blue and yellow, and to some extent orange, produce antibiotics that establish a barrier against invasion by red and purple (as evidenced by the white fabric around these).

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