The Pelagographic Process: behold the sea itself


The Pelagographic Process: behold the sea itself.  Dead whales and devastated coral reefs are visible and potent signatures of an ailing ocean and planet. However, it is the life forms that we can’t see, and how we influence their activities, that are the pivotal factors that will govern the health of our seas and that will shape their life supporting chemistry.  Our planets oceans teem with invisible microbial life such that a single millilitre of seawater, in a genetic and microbial sense, has more complexity than the human genome.  To highlight these important but often overlooked players in climate change,  I’m developing a novel process which reveals these normally invisible life forms in an aesthetic manner.  The process is in essence photographic but the images formed are alive and derive from just seawater, photosynthesis, carbon dioxide, sunlight and of course microbes. The images above are tests produced by the process which I am currently refining.

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