Postal Project: messages and more

Postal Project: messages and more. At a time when the majority of our communication is mediated by electromagnetic radiation and electrons, the postal system is less relevant than it once was. Nevertheless, it still has a context as a more organic and palpable means of communication. It can also be hijacked, in which case it may carry more sinister intent such as the rudiments of Anthrax. In any case, amongst our own meanings and commerce, every item of post will carry hidden biological information in the form of its microbial flora. In 2007 artist Tim Knowles travelled around the UK and sent me postcards during his journey. When they arrived at the lab, I developed them using a process that would reveal this hitherto invisible flora, that the postcards had acquired both from their origin, and during their journey through the postal system.  The process is transformational, converting still and lifeless images into complex and living landscapes that document the biological history of the postcards.   

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