Bucket Ecology


I found this beautuful animacule hunting and feeding in a bucket of rainwater

Two Ways of Seeing


The same murky green sample of pond water. One interpreation is  accessible to the unaided eye, the other only at 100-times magnification.

The MycoR Dress: a celebration of soil and the mycorrhizosphere

_MG_6000 _MG_6001 _MG_6004 _MG_6007 _MG_6010

Mycorrhizal fungi have occurred naturally in the soil for at least 450 million years, forming a close symbiotic relationship with plant roots. Plants and these mycorrhizal fungi operate as a single working unit in nature in which the plant performs photosynthesis, and the fungi facilitate underground nutrition-gathering and protect the roots. In fact, nearly all plants on earth rely on mycorrhizal fungi for nutrients and moisture, with many plants being extremely dependent on, and surviving poorly without such beneficial fungi. This coloured textile is made solely from the soil mycorrhizae. The material does not have improved structural or functional properties, and it is designed (and to be worn) with the sole purpose of celebrating the importance and diversity of the mycorrhizae.  It’s a first test and more elaborate forms and structures are envisaged for the future.